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Craft Beers

The best microbrews, imported to Lowertown!

craft-beerWhat is Craft Brewing?

“Craft brewing” is the term that succeeded “microbrewing”, a movement that began at the end of the 1970’s following deregulation. The definition typically applies to relatively small, independently-owned, commercial breweries that employ traditional brewing methods and emphasize flavor and quality. Changes to U.S. law in 1978 laid the foundations for the expansion of craft brewing. In 1979, 89 breweries existed in the U.S.—the Brewers Association reports that by March 2013, 2,360 craft breweries existed. (Adapted from Wikipedia)

Currently in stock at Lowertown Wine & Spirits

Bad Weather Windvane Cans6pk8.99
Ballast Point Longfin Lager6pk Cans10.49
Bauhaus Copper Pop4pk8.49
Bauhaus Festbier6pk12.49
Bauhaus Many Pack12pk16.99
Bauhaus Sky Five6pk9.49
Bauhaus Stargazer6pk8.99
Bauhaus Tallander4pk8.49
Bauhaus Uber Duber22oz7.49
Bauhaus Uberduber750ml10.99
Bauhaus Wagon Party6pk8.99
Bells Hopslam Cans6pk16.99
Bells Kalamzoo Stout6pk8.49
Bells Oatsmobile6pk9.49
Bells Oberon Wheat Ale12pk16.99
Bells Two Hearted Ale Cans12pk Can18.99
Bend Paddle Botanical Blond750ml9.99
Bent Brewstillery Verity750ml14.99
Bent Brother Vesper22oz9.99
Bent Enuff IPA4pk9.99
Bent Gigi Lupin4pk12.99
Bent Moar IPA6pk9.49
Bent Nordic Blonde6pk9.49
Bent Paddle Blond6pk10.99
Bent Paddle Cold Press Black4pk8.99
Bent Paddle Harness IPA6 Pack11.49
Bent Paddle Hop6pk10.99
Bent Paddle Valve Jockey IMP750ml6.99
Bent Paddle Venture Pils6pack10.49
Bent Uber Lupin4pk10.99
Brooklyn American Ale6pk7.99
Brooklyn Defender IPA6pk7.99
Brooklyn Lager6pk7.99
Brooklyn Sorachi Ale6pk7.99
Brooklyn Summer Ale6pk7.99
Bud 16 oz 6pk16oz6.49
Castle Danger Cream Ale6pk9.99
Castle Danger Ode IPA6pk9.99
Central Waters Pale Ale6pk9.49
Clown Shoes Coffee Pecan Porte22oz7.99
Crispin Cider Original4pack7.99
Dale's Pale Ale6pk9.49
Deschutes Seasonal6pack9.99
DogFish Head Beer to Drink6pk14.49
DogFish Head 60 min IPA6pk11.49
DogFish Head Flesh and Blood6pk14.49
DogFish Head Seaquench6pk11.49
Dogfish Head 60min IPA12pk19.99
Dogfish Head 90min IPA4pk11.49
Dogfish Head India Brown6pk11.49
Dogfish Head Saison du Buff4pk15.49
Epic Hop Syndrome1pint3.49
Epic Smoked & Oaked1pint11.49
Fargo Brewing Seasonal6pk4.95
Fargo Wood Chipper6pack8.99
Flat Earth Belgian-Style Pale4pk8.49
Flat Earth Cygnus Porter cans4pk9.49
Flat Earth Hep Cat4pk9.49
Flat Earth winter warlock750ml15.49
Flying Dog Raging Bitch6pk12.49
Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA6pk10.99
Flying Dog Variety Pack12pk21.99
Founders All Day IPA15pk17.99
Founders Azacca IPA6pk7.49
Founders Centennial IPA6pk8.99
Founders Dirty Bastard6pk8.99
Founders Porter6pk9.99
Founders Redankulous750ml9.99
Fulton 300 IPA6pk11.99
Fulton Barrel Aged Expat750ml14.99
Fulton Lonely Blonde6pk9.49
Fulton Standard Lager4pk6.49
Fulton Sweet Child of Vine6pk9.49
Fulton Worthy Insurrection4pk10.99
Funked Up Cherry Sour750ml12.49
GD Belgian Style Yeti Stout1pint9.99
GL Brewing Co. Ed. Fitzgerald6pack8.99
GL Brewing Co. Seasonal6pack3.49
GL Brewing Co.Dortmunder Gold6pack8.99
GL Brewing Co.Eliot Ness6pack8.99
Hinterland 20th Ann.Imp. Stoutpint8.99
Hinterland Bou.Doppelbockpint8.99
Indeed B-Side Pils6pk10.49
Indeed Brewing DayTripper Pale6pack9.99
Indeed Brewing Midnight Ryder6pack9.99
Indeed Brewing Stir Crazy6pack8.99
Indeed Day Tripper Pale Ale12pk18.99
Indeed Mexican Honey Lager4pk10.99
KInky Cocktails Sunshine6pk7.49
Kinky Cocktails Summer6pk7.49
Lagunitas Czech Pilsner6pk9.99
Lagunitas IPA6 Pack7.99
Lagunitas Lil Sumpin Ale6pk9.99
Lagunitas Seasonal22oz4.49
Lagunitas Sucks6pk9.99
Lagunitas Undercover Shutdown6pk10.49
Lagunitas Waldo's Special Ale6pk13.99
Lake Monster Buddy Check6pk8.99
Lake Monster Calhoun Claw6pk8.99
Lake Monster Empty Rowboat6pack8.99
Lake Monster Last Fathom6ok8.99
Lake Superior Kayak Kolsch6PK10.99
Lake Superior Kolsch16gal178.99
Left Hand Bravehart Nitro6pk10.99
Left Hand Mountain Mixer12pk19.99
Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout12pk19.99
Leinenkugels Watermelon Shandy6pk8.49
Lift Bridge Farm Girl6packs9.49
Lift Bridge Hop Dish IPA6packs10.99
Lift Bridge Mango Blond4pk8.99
Loon Juice Honey Crisp6pk9.99
Mich Gold Light 16 oz 6pk16oz6.99
Modist Brewing DreamYard4pk12.99
Modist Brewing First Call4pk12.49
Natural Ice 18PK 16oz16oz15.99
New Belgium Day Blazer1 Can2.72
New Belgium Glutiny6pk9.49
New belgium Pilsner6pk9.49
Oskar Blues Canundrum12pack18.49
Pacific Rim Chenin Blanc75011.99
Rush River Golden Ale6pack8.99
Rush River Senic Pale Ale6 pack8.99
Sierra Nevada Seasonal6pk9.49
Steel Toe Size 722oz4.99
Strongbow Orange Blossom6pk9.99
Summit Saga6PK9.49
Summit Seasonal Cans12pk16.99
Surly Bender Flat4pack8.99
Surly Coffee Bender4pack12.49
Surly Cynic Ale Flat4pack9.99
Surly Furious4pack10.99
Surly Hell4pack8.99
Surly Merica4pk6.99
Surly Over Rated4pack8.99
Surly Todd The Axe Man4pk15.99
Surly Xtra-Citra4pk6.99
Tin Whiskers Lumen Lager4pk11.99
Tin Whiskers Parity Pilsner4pk11.99
Tin Whiskers Short Circuit4pk Cans10.99
Tin Whiskers Wheat Stone4pk cans10.99
Top Gal Dorthys4pk7.99
Top Goliath Golden Nugget4pk9.99
Top Goliath Tsunami9.99
UFO White Ale6pk9.49
Upper Hand Lager6pk8.99
Upper Hand Yooper Ale6pk8.99
Victory Golden Monkey6pk11.99
Victory Hop Devil6pk9.49
Victory Sour Monkey6pk11.99
Victory Variety Pack12pk17.99
Wyder's Dry Pear6PK9.49
Wyder's Raspberry Dry6pk9.49