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Californian White Wine

The best Californian wines, imported to Lowertown!

california-topCalifornia wine is wine made in the U.S. state of California. Nearly three-quarters the size of France, California accounts for nearly 90 percent of American wine production. The production in California alone is one third larger than that of Australia. If California were a separate country, it would be the world’s fourth-largest wine producer. The state’s viticultural history dates back to the 18th century when Spanish missionaries planted the first vineyards to produce wine for Mass. Today there are more than 1,200 wineries in the state, ranging from small boutique wineries to large corporations like E & J Gallo Winery with distribution around the globe. (Adapted from Wikipedia)

Currently in stock at Lowertown Wine & Spirits

A-Z Chardonnay750ml15.99
A-Z Pinot Gris750ml10.82
Apothic Dark75012.49
Apothic White Blend750ml13.99
Arnold Palmer Chardonnay750ml18.99
BV Chardonnay750ml10.49
Barefoot Crisp White1 Can2.49
Barefoot Pinot Grigio4pk7.49
Barefoot Rose4PK9.49
Beringer White Zin 06750ml8.99
Bogle Chardonnay750ml10.99
Bota Box Pinot Grigio500ml4.99
Bota Box Sauv Blanc500ml4.99
Butter Chardonnay750ml18.49
Callaway Chardonnay750ml9.99
Carlos Creek Wobegon White750ml19.99
Chankaska Apple Wine750ml14.99
Chateau Ste Michelle Chard750ml13.49
Cline Pinot Gris750ml17.49
Coppola Diamond Merlot 07750ml17.49
Cupcake Pinot Grigio750ml8.99
Cycles Gladiator Chardonnay750ml8.99
Double Decker Pinot Grigio750ml10.99
Entwine Pinot Grigio750ml9.99
Fess Parker Frontier Red750ml11.49
Flip Flop Chardonnay750ml6.26
Flip Flop Moscato750ml6.26
Flip Flop Pinot Grigio750ml6.26
Flip Flop Pinot Noir750ml6.26
Flip Flop Riesling750ml6.26
Forestville Cabernet Sau.1.510.49
Forestville Chardonnay1.510.49
Four Vines Naked Chardonnay 05750ml12.99
Franzia Crisp White 3.0 Ltr3L11.99
Hahn Chardonnay750ml13.49
Hahn Pinot Gris750ml13.49
Hanna Sauvignon Blanc750ml9.49
Hayes Valley Cabernet Sauvigno750ml10.99
Hayes Valley Merlot750ml10.99
Hayes Valley Sauvignon Blanc750ml10.99
Honig Sauv Blanc750ml13.99
J Lohr White Riesling750ml11.49
James Mitchell Sauvignon Blanc750ml14.99
Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc750ml10.99
Kunde Sauvignon Blanc750ml12.99
Light Horse Chardonnay750ml10.99
Mark West Pinot Grigio750ml9.99
Menage a Trois Chardonnay750ml14.99
Murrieta's Well The Whip750ml16.49
Pacific Oasis Rieling750ml6.49
Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc Viogni750ml15.49
Pine Ridge Napa Cabernet750ml54.99
Pomelo Rose Wine750ml12.49
Pomelo Sauv Blanc750ml11.99
Rutherford Sauv. Blanc 2012750ml19.99
Sand Point Sauvignon Blanc750ml11.49
Starmont Chardonnay75021.99
Steele Cuvee Chardonnay75022.99
Sutter Fre Chardonnay750ml8.49
Sutter Fre White Zin750ml8.49
Sutter Home White Zin750ml6.99
Tamas Estates Double Decker750ml11.99
The Crusher Unoaked Chardonnay750ml12.49
The Fedalist Chardonnay750ml16.99
Three Pears Pinot Gris750ml11.99
Toad Hollow Chardonnay 06750ml15.49
Valdo Prosecco750ml15.2
Wagner Chardonnay Unoaked750ml14.99
Wente Chardonnay Morn Fog750ml12.99
Willamette Valley Rose of Pino750ml17.49