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Midwestern Wine

The best Midwestern wines, imported to Lowertown!

midwest-wine-statesThere are nearly 3,000 commercial vineyards in the United States, and at least one winery in each of the 50 states. Midwestern wine states include Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin—notably Missouri and Indiana. (Adapted from Wikipedia)

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Alexis Bailly Seyval750ml17.99
Chankaska Marquette750ml36.49
Flying Solo Grenache Blanc75012.49
Forestedge Rhubarb/Raspberry750ml14.99
Mullner Weiss750ml13.99
WineHaven Cranberry750ml15.49
WineHaven Honeywine Mead750ml11.49
WineHaven Straw/Rhubarb750ml15.49